Corporate Registries

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If you would like information about an existing business, we can perform a search. You will be provided with information regarding the start date of the business, the address, and names of any directors, shareholders, or declarants.
Both current and historical searches are available.
We can also provide you with a Certificate of Status for any Alberta Corporation, which will show their standing with Corporate Registries as of a current or historical date.
Registering your Business
We can register many types of businesses. We also provide NUANS searches, which are mandatory for forming a named Alberta Incorporation.
The most common types we register are:
Trade Name/Sole Proprietor/Business Name
Partnership/Business Name
Alberta Incorporation (using a number or a name)
It is up to you to research what type of business is best for you. There are many questions you should look into. There are large differences regarding how taxes, Workers Compensation, and liability issues are resolved, depending on what type of business you register. Our office cannot provide legal advice; However, there are resources available on-line or in bookstores. We do carry Legal Ease Kits, which may assist you in making your decisions, and help you in completing the information required for registering.
For more information: http://www.servicealberta.ca/Corporate_Registries.cfm
If you are looking for forms for filing, please see our forms section.
We cannot register Non-Profit Companies or Societies. We can however provide you with the required NUANS search. You must register directly through Corporate Registries. For more information: http://www.servicealberta.ca/674.cfm
Other Filings
Other filings we can do:
Annual Returns
Change of Directors/Shareholders
Change of Address
Name Changes
If you need forms or more information click HERE
Please feel free to contact our Leduc office with any questions.