We provide all classes of registration including personal passenger, motorcycle, off highway, commercial, fleet, and prorate.
Minors: Anybody under the age of 18, must have a parent/guardian (with proper ID) accompany them to our office to sign a parental consent form when obtaining a vehicle registration.

Here is some information on what to bring:

New/Used Vehicles
Ownership documents: If the vehicle has been sold to more than one person, both parties must be present or a letter of authorization must be obtained from the individual who cannot be present.
​NVIS: Only required for brand new vehicles, not required for used vehicles.
Proof of insurance: Must be in the same name as the ownership document.
Acceptable identification

If your vehicle was last registered in another province or country, please continue reading below for extra requirements.

Out of Province/Country Vehicles
Your vehicle will have to undergo an out-of-province inspection. If it is from out of Canada you will also need an out-of-country inspection. For information on importing a vehicle visit: http://www.riv.ca

To apply for a vehicle registration certificate for the first time for a vehicle, you must attend a registry agent’s office with the appropriate documentation.

You must bring:

*Proof of ownership document, such as a lease, bill of sale, probated will or letters of administration.
*Proof of valid insurance for the vehicle that includes the name(s) of the person(s) requesting the registration.
*Acceptable identification.
*An out-of-province, salvage or commercial inspection (if applicable)

If you are registering a used vehicle in Alberta for the first time, you may require an inspection. In an effort to reduce barriers to trade and labour mobility Alberta has partnered with British Columbia and Saskatchewan and formed an alliance known as the New West Partnership. As a result, inspection requirements have been relaxed for residents moving between New West Partnership jurisdictions, a vehicle may be exempt from an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Please see Alberta Transportation's website for more information.

First Step: Before having your out-of-province inspection you will need a request form from us to give to the mechanic. Please bring the following:

Ownership documents
Acceptable identification
Import Form:
 If from out of country.

We can give you a list of mechanics that can perform the inspection, or you can visit http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/2821.htm  to locate one yourself. If your vehicle needs an out-of-country inspection as well, be sure to find a location for that as well. If you are required to do both of the inspections, you do not have to have them done at the same location.

Second Step: After the inspection, you must return to our office. Bring the following:

Ownership documents
Out-of-Province Inspection:
 Green form you will get from the mechanic. Please note it is only valid for 14 days.
Import Forms: If out of country. The import form must now have 2 stamps. One in the top right corner, and another in the bottom area. The second stamp indicates the out-of-country inspection has been done.
Acceptable identification

Vehicle Renewals
Renewal Form: If you did not receive a renewal form in mail, please bring in old registration if available.
Proof of insurance: If you fill out the insurance declaration on the back of the renewal form, and you are not requesting any changes, you do not have to bring your insurance pink card. All parties listed on registration must sign declaration. This is especially useful if you have many vehicles to renew.
Acceptable identification

Vehicle Transfers
You may transfer your plate from one vehicle to another, as long as the old vehicle registration is in the same names as the Bill of Sale/Lease for the new vehicle.
Bring the following:

Ownership documents
 If the vehicle has been sold to more than one person both parties must be present or a letter of authorization must be obtained from the individual who cannot be present.
NVIS: Only required for brand new, never registered vehicles.
Old Registration: For plate you are wishing to transfer, if available.
Acceptable identification

If your new vehicle was last registered in another province you will first need to have an out-of-province inspection. If your vehicle is from outside of Canada, you will also need a completed Import Form. Please see above for the extra requirements.

Replace Lost or Stolen Plates
If you have lost your plate, or it has been stolen, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. You will have to fill out a declaration indicating the plate's status.
Please bring the following:

Registration: If available, if not you can verbally tell us the plate number.
Insurance: If you are wishing to renew your plate as well we will need Insurance. If you are not renewing, we do not need insurance.
Acceptable identification

Cancelling your Plate
If you have sold your vehicle or taken it off the road, and you do not intend on registering another vehicle using the same plate, you may cancel it and get a refund. Refunds are generated by the Government and sent out in a cheque. Refunds are prorated depending on how much time is left, minus a cancellation fee. There needs to be around 4 months left to get any significant refund.
Please bring the following:

Plate to be Cancelled: If available. If you have lost your plate be sure to tell us. If you would like to cancel your plate but keep it for future use, you may do so. Let us know what you would like.
Acceptable identification

Disabled Parking Placards
A parking placard and/or disabled licence plate allows those with the greatest needs to use specially designated parking facilities. The placards are issued to individuals who provide proof of eligibility under this program. 

To apply for a placard, an application form must be completed in full by your physician, physiotherapist or occupational therapist and submitted to a registry agent office.
To qualify, an individual must be unable to walk more than 50 meters.

In transit Permit
In transit permits are issued when you need to move an unregistered vehicle (no plate). They are only valid within Canadian Borders, and either the starting point or ending point must be inside of Alberta. We can issue you the permit for 3-7 days, depending on the reason for moving, and the location of your start and end point. Salvage vehicles will only be permitted a 24 hour permit. Please bring the following:

Insurance: In transit permit can only be issued while a vehicle is insured.
Ownership documents: If either the start or end point is outside of Alberta we need an ownership document. If both the start and end points are in Alberta, we do not need your ownership.
Acceptable identification

Motor Vehicles 

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