Knowledge Testing
We offer all classes of knowledge testing, Class 1 through to Class 7. 
You do not need an appointment to take the test. 
Testing times are:
Monday - Wednesday 8:30 till 4:00
Thursday 8:30 till 5:00
Friday 8:30 till 4:00
Saturday 9:00 till 12:00
Full testing and issuing of a learning permit takes approximately 1 hour so you must be seated at a computer for testing 1 hour prior to closing.
The passing grade for all knowledge tests is 25 correct answers out of 30 questions. If passed, this driver’s licence test only shows you have passed the exam and is not a valid driver’s licence, you will need to submit the passed test within 1 year to obtain the applicable class of licence.
Required documentation if you are under 18:
A parent/guardian/court appointed guardian must be present with Acceptable I.D.
Two pieces of Acceptable I.D. One MUST be your Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Card or Secure Certificate

of Indian Status (SCIS).
Your physical & mailing address.
Required documentation if you are over 18:
You will require two pieces of Acceptable I.D.
Proof of Legal Presence in Canada.
Proof of residency in Alberta. This must include your mailing address and you must provide a physical address.
Road Testing
As of March 1, 2019 the Alberta Transportation Government has taken over scheduling and examinations of the road tests. Log on to MyAlberta eServices for more information and to book a road test.
Air Brake Knowledge Test
We offer the knowledge portion of the Air Brake test. You will need to present your course completion
certificate in order to write this exam.
For more information please see:

Test Information

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